About us

Revitalizing soil to make it healthy and productive

Our Founder, Stan Pace

In 2007, after 20 years of working in “Big Ag,” Stan Pace decided to go in a different direction. Convinced that chemical additives are having a toxic effect on our environment and our health, he began searching for a way to make agriculture less dependent on chemicals and more sustainable.

Through careful research, Stan came to understand that instead of feeding plants we should focus on repairing the soil. This enables us to overcome the damage that many commercial farming practices have caused.

The result was CaluSolv™.

Stan and Kathy Pace




Learn what CaluSolv is all about…


To restore soil health to the way it was created, designed to feed all people.


To restore soil health and release the miracle that is soil, created and designed to feed all people.

CaluSolv revitalizes the soil by fundamentally solving three problems: 1. restores the chemical balance in soil by increasing available calcium, 2. uses calcium to enhance microbial life in the soil, both in diversity and population, 3. reduces soil compaction naturally by balancing the chemistry and increasing microbe diversity.

By balancing the chemistry, we help growers of whatever people grow, help their soil heal and advance to real sustainability.

Soils are different but they all have the same foundational need; lots of available calcium, the trucker of nutrients.


Because everyone’s dinner table should be full of natural, pesticide free food that promotes life.


  1. We believe in LIFE.
  2. Our world is magnificently designed.
  3. When the soil is functioning according to design, all life will flourish.
  4. Soil has the extraordinary capacities that can greatly reduce, & even eliminate most pesticide needs.
  5. It is possible to achieve optimal agricultural production & reduce toxic pesticides by balancing calcium & thereby the other nutrients.
  6. Revitalizing our soil will bring about higher yielding nutrient dense crops with greater profits for the producers.
  7. Making food healthier and more abundant will change the world


Restores the chemical balance in soil by increasing available calcium


Reducing compaction reduces many expensive and toxic pesticides


Using calcium we enhance microbial life in the soil, both in diversity and population.


Balancing the soil will always improve crops and helps everything that people grow.