Soil Health Evaluations

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6 Simple Steps for Soil Samples

You’re just a few steps away from a proper soil health evaluation.

Please know: This is NOT a soil test, this is a comprehensive soil evaluation that includes 3 types of testing methods to provide an overall soil health evaluation. 

Your results will be returned to you by a CaluSolv™ representative in an average of 10 – 14 days. 

Download and print the CaluSolv™ Soil Health Evaluation Form here and mail in your soil sample after following the steps. 

  1. Plan your sample area. 
  2. Use clean tools to gather the samples, ideally using a sampling probe.
  3. Collect the soil samples from multiple spots in your sample area and mix well.
  4. Complete the CaluSolv™ Soil Health Evaluation Form
  5. Prepare your sample bag with a label for mailing and add in your mixed soil sample.
  6. Send your soil sample bag to Midwest Labs at 13611 B Street, Omaha, NE 68144


 If you have questions, please reach out to us.




CaluSolv- How to take a soil sample step sheet