CaluSolv – Purchase

$59.95 – 50lbs Bag

CaluSolv™ is a granular soil amendment designed to unleash the natural potential of your soil. Based on scientific principles concerning the benefits of calcium, CaluSolv™ is a mixture of calcium, humins, humic acids, fulvic acids, carbons, sugars, nitric acid, ammonium calcium salt, volcanic meta-Basalt, and calcium lignosulfonate. This blend was created to feed the soil microbiome. Secondary benefits include plant and root health.

CaluSolv™ through feeding the microbiome and increasing soluble calcium improves the soil, biologically, chemically, and physically.

Because CaluSolv™ was designed to restore soil health, it can be used with any crop: alfalfa, corn, flowers, fruit trees, commodity grains, lawns, soybeans, strawberries, tomatoes, and all warm and cool-season produce/vegetables.

How to use this product:

Benefits of Use:
  • Reduced soil compaction and soil crusting
  • Reduced water runoff and soil erosion
  • Improved aeration and water infiltration
  • Greater water holding capacity of the soil
  • Improves Resistance to disease and pests
  • Improves plant health by increasing cell wall strength which can lead to better shelf life and higher marketable crop yields
  • Simulates enhanced microbial activity
  • Increases cation exchange capacity (CEC) which assists in the uptake of essential nutrients by the plants
  • Will assist in producing healthier, more nutrient dense plants and produce
Where to Apply:

NEW FIELDS: Apply to tilled or bare ground (no-till) when planting or 1 to 2 weeks before planting. Lightly incorporate (less than 1-2” maximum depth) and/or cult-i-pack after application to the field. If not incorporated, apply to the field when there is ample moisture to dissolve product over a 6-12 hour period. Sufficient moisture would include a heavy dew or light rain after application.

EMERGED or ESTABLISHED FIELDS or AREAS: Apply to the field when there is ample moisture to dissolve product over a 6 – 12, hour period. Best to apply product when heavy dew or light rain is in the forecast or crop is actively growing.

Storage Information:

Store in original container. Keep out of the reach of children. Seal bag securely for any product that is not used. Store in cool, dry location. With Super Sack, product should be applied after opening. Product will harden over time with high humidity conditions. If product is not sealed, it can sweat as it pulls moisture from the air.

How to Apply:

Broadcast or pull type spreader, drop spreader, fertilizer buggy, hand held broadcast spreader.  Product density is 64.5 lbs./cubic ft.  Check chart for corresponding settings based on density and pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. or acres.

Disclaimer & Limit of Liabiltiy

Buyer assumes all risk of use, storage, or handling of this product.  This product is designed as a soil amendment to aid in the balancing of nutrients and to produce changes in the biological, chemical, and physical conditions of the soil. CaluSolv™ contains plant nutrients, however, the product is not designed as a supplier of NPK nutrients at levels for accelerated plant growth.  The purpose of the product is to increase soil health over time with consistent use in accordance with listed recommendations.